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UV Protection
While we all realize that fashion is a large part of selling eyewear, it is far more important to realize the primary reason for sunglasses - protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Certain ultraviolet (UV) rays are damaging to the eye and can cause a variety of vision problems. We would like to take a moment to explain these rays and their effects, as well as how Image Sunwear products can help with UV protection.
Sunlight consists of 2 types of light waves or radiation - visible and invisible. Visible light comes in the spectrum of 7 colors you frequently see in rainbows. But it is the invisible ultraviolet radiation that we need protection from. Within these invisible waves there 3 different types of UV radiation- UVC, UCB and UVA. The UVC rays are absorbed by the upper atmosphere and do not reach the earth's surface. The ozone layer also filters most UVB rays. But with depleting ozone it is becoming more frequent that an overexposure to UVB can cause sunburn to the skin. Some scientists suggest that daily exposure to UVB in very bright sunlight over a period of many years may also cause cataracts, damaging our eyes as well as our skin. Finally we have UVA rays. These are the rays that are most abundant and are not filtered out by the ozone layer. It is these UVA rays that are linked to photosensitivity.
For this reason, Image Sunwear has taken steps to ensure that all of our sunglasses have a UV coating that shields the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays. And since the darkness of the lens only filters brightness of light, even the clear and fashion colored lenses offered in our collections offer this same protection. That means that you have the same UVA and UVB protection regardless of tint (although a dark tint may make it easier to see in bright sunlight).
So to keep your eyes safe and healthy, we strongly recommend you wear proper UV protection and use sunwear to protect your eyes, as well as look good!

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